Fire Alarm Installation training Course Outline

  • 1 Introduction to Fire Alarm system Types
  • 2 Systems for Specific Occupancies
  • 3 Governing Codes / Standards / Regulations / Laws / Resolutions
  • 4 Design / Layout / Application of Equipment
  • 5 System Operations and Controls
  • 6 Installation of Systems
  • 7 Contract / Bidding /Filing / Approval
  • 8 Maintenance / Testing / Service / Training
  • 9 False alarm management.
  • Learning Objectives:
  • Establish the need for a fire alarm with the appropriate people, organizations, or industry.
  • Understand how to implement the relevant category to a proposed building.
  • Understand the appropriate use of variations.
  • Understand the different components available and how to select those to design a compliant system.
  • Understand the correct selection, siting and spacing of devices.
  • Know how to consider power supplies and battery backup.
  • Understand design consideration to reduce the risk of false and unwanted alarms, and have an awareness of the documentation required during the design of a fire alarm and system.

Course Duration:

Course runs for 3 Days.

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